car Head 2 Head Hybrids

With the announcement made today that Jaguar will be putting the C-X75 into production for an initital run of around 250 vehicles, it instantly made me think of a great head 2 head. The Jaguar C-X75 vs. Porsche 918 Spyder.

Porsche 918 Spyder
Jaguar C-X75
Horsepower (bhp)
0 to 100km/h (seconds)
Top Speed (km/h)

Looks wise, I think you will agree with me that the jag takes it hands down. Those seriously aggressive lines and much better looking wheels wraps it together very nicely. The Porsche front looks very much like the older Koenigsegg's and the wheels look horrendous. The front of the Jag has the new "wide-mouthed" grille similar to the Pagani Huayra. Price wise, the Porsche is a whole lot cheaper which could ultimately sway your decision. My choice... even though I love Porsche, I am afraid it is not my cup-of-tea and would definitely choose the Jag. Plus you get to say "I drive a JAGGGG..." as Clarkson likes to say. Let me know your take on the 2?
Porsche 918 Spyder

Jag C-X75

Crash of The Week - 09th May 2011

So, another Mansory car has been wrecked. This time a highly tuned Porsche Panamera. The car is worth over R3 million. and produces around 690 HP. It was inloved in a head on collision with and Audi A4 in Poland and only had just over 5000 km on the odometer. Ouch! Both drivers sustained minor injuries and had to be taken to the hospital. A broken windshield on the Porsche driver's side suggests he didn't have his seat belt on. If you ask me, the world is a better place with this Mansory model out of the window. It is hideous...

Used to look like this...

Most expensive Gulf Themed Car

I have come across quite a few modern cars sporting the Gulf Oil colour theme but this is the most expensive one ever done. The still almighty Bugatti Veyron. I think they have done a superb job and as you all know the ridiculous stats on this car, I am not going to share them with you again. Just have a look...
Looks fantastic!
Check out this R8 GT in the gulf colours too...