Video: Man Accidently Steps on Roller During Dyno Test

If there’s one thing you should watch out for during a dyno test, it definitely has to be the roller. Unfortunately, this poor old man learned his lesson the hard way… -Video after the jump

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Feast For Your Eyes: Italian Tuning Show Babes

“My Special Car Show” is an automotive customisation exhibition that took place at Rimini Fiera in Italy from 28 to 30 March, 2008. As with all tuning salons, there was no shortage of babes at “My Special Car Show”. Luckily for us, our fellow blogger-buddies at were kind enough to capture many of the babes on film so we can get a taste of what we missed out on. Did we mention that there were a lot of poles at the exhibition centre in Rimini? –Image gallery after the jump


De Tomaso Panthera Concept Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo

This sensual concept is the work of designer Stefan Schulze and it portrays a proposition for a successor to the long-gone De Tomaso Pantera supercar. Schulze has named his proposal Panthera (with an “h”) and he designed to be based on the Lamborghini Gallardo architecture. Thus meaning, if by any chance some ultra rich car aficionado decides to revive the famous Italian marque and uses Schulze’s Panthera (again with an “h”) as a base, the supercar would get the same V10 powerhouse along with the AWD system of the Gallardo. Not a bad idea at all. -Image gallery after the jump

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Max Mosley and the Media’s Bedroom Keyhole Syndrome

We’re pretty sure that you’ve read the story about FIA President, Max Mosley and his dominatrix style orgy that was caught on tape by the “News of the World”. In a nutshell, the media are “silently” condemning (or making fun of, whichever way you take it) Mosley’s actions as they associate his Nazi-style sado-masochistic sex with the fact that his father, Sir Oswald, was the leader of the British Union of Fascists and a friend of Adolf Hitler.

To make matters worse, the media are hosting a collection of voices who demand that Mosley resigns for his “inappropriate behavior”. Seriously now; what the heck has his job got to do with his sexual preferences? We don’t like fascists, we’re a far cry from being Adolf Hitler supporters –the Nazis burned down my father’s home village- and no, we’re not fond about getting our arses whipped around in bed –not that it’s of anyone’s business.

The guys that taped the video and published it are the one’s who should be condemned. The way we see it, as long as Mosley or anyone for that matter, does not perform any illegal actions, what goes on behind “bedroom” doors should remain a private matter and not a public spectacle for the self-proclaimed “politically correct” to take advantage of. Enough said. (Pic: Carscoop)

Suzuki USA CEO, Rick Suzuki Quits Over Poor Sales

American Suzuki Chairman Ryosaku ("Rick") Suzuki - he's the grandson of Michio Suzuki, founder of Suzuki Motor Corp, said that he will step down from his position due to the automaker’s poor sales and earnings in a letter sent to the company’s employees on Friday, March 28.

According to AN, Rick Suzuki stated in the letter that while in 2003 American Suzuki Motor Company (ASMC) implemented and announced a five-year plan to achieve annual sales of 200,000 cars and 300,000 motorcycles & ATVs, 2008 found the company far from its goals, with sales of 100,000 cars and 190,000 motorcycles & ATVs. –Continued

Unfortunately for ASMC employees, Rick Suzuki also wrote in the letter that due to the fact the company reported operating losses in 2007, it will reduce its U.S. work force of 674 by 55 employees through a voluntary retirement plan and that ASMC "is in no position to provide any bonus, let alone pay raise this year".

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Battered 2009 Lincoln MKS Sedan Caught Testing in Detroit

This bashed-up 2009 Lincoln MKS test mule (see the production model here)was caught on film by our fellow mates over at Jalopnik. The car was spotted somewhere in Detroit and as you can see in the pictures, it’s in a pretty bad shape. From the looks of it, someone must have had a slip-up as the lower front end of the MKS is missing. Still, we don’t understand the reason why Lincoln’s testers attached a tow bar in front of the car. –More pics after the jump

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